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St. Louis Writers' Group presents:

Mea’s Unique Garage Sale or
What if Google Doesn’t Have the Answer?

By Jo-el Doty

Blub: Mea is overwhelmed with anxiety about life in the 21st Century.  She’s been living in her parents’ basement but they are moving, and now she must move out on her own.  She’s holding a garage sale to raise money to move to Texas with her  friend from Call of Duty, Endgame.  The sale isn’t going well and  when Endgame comes up with a new plan, Mea’s anxiety builds and starts her down a path to disaster.  Will something happen to help her cope or is it all just too much?

Time:  May 2, 6:30 pm

Where: Big Daddy's, 1000 Sidney St. St. Louis, MO 63101 (located in Soulard)

St. Louis Writers' Group offers a musical theatre workshop

The St. Louis Writers' Group will begin it's 11th year by kicking off a new program.  We are adding a musical theatre workshop to our program. Join us on Monday, February 1, 6:30 pm at the Monocle Cabaret on Manchester for the first St. Louis Writers' Group Musical Theatre Workshop.

The St. Louis Writers' Group Musical Theatre Workshop will be held once a month at the Monocle, a cabaret venue in the Grove.  We will be developing original musicals from concept to performance ready. The workshops will involve readings from the script of the musical, followed by analysis of the structure, character development and continuity with the lyrics and music.  We'll be listening to the music from the shows and helping the composer hone and shape the score.  We'll be doing in depth analysis of the lyrics to make sure they push the story forward and blend with the other musical elements.  We hope to workshop any musical that's part of the workshop, until it's ready to be staged.  We are planning on doing showcase performance of the musical that are completed in the musical theatre workshop.  All lovers of musical theatre are welcome to attended and participate.  We are also accepting other musical teams that wish to participate in the workshops.

The next musical presentation is of a musical in development

"Courting Molly" by Rob Miller.

Courting Molly is the story of Abraham Lincoln’s tumultuous courtship of Mary Todd (Molly was Abe’s pet name for Miss Todd). I find this story particularly attractive as it presents a period of Lincoln’s life that was previously not well known to me. It reveals a Lincoln that is somewhat more fallible and extremely more human than the idealized version I had known from my history books, yet, it is the events and struggles of Abe’s early years that I believe helped mold him into the great historical figure we know.
The process of writing Courting Molly began about 2008 when I was looking for a story, any story that might make fodder for a musical. It was only one year earlier when I first tried my hand at writing music for a friend’s play and I had certainly never attempted any form of literary writing, nor did I have any background in theater, but the challenge was irresistible. This story came to my attention in the form of a History Channel presentation. Soon there where tunes pervading my imagination, followed by lyrics, followed by hours upon hours of research, followed by an outline, revisions, cuts, new ideas, etc. Within about a year I had completed a first draft and it was, with all of my hard work, of little more entertainment value than a History Channel documentary set to music. This is when I found the St. Louis Writers’ Group.
Through continued workshops, thoughtful critique, great suggestions, and much encouragement Courting Molly is gradually shaping into a better play than it started out to be. I suppose that Courting Molly is not only a story about Abe’s and Mary’s journey, but also the story of one novice writer’s journey to learn all he can about writing for Musical Theater. Thanks to all for your help.
The next reading of Courting Molly will take place at This will be the first time for selected scenes to be presented with basic blocking and with actors singing the music live. We hope you’ll join us.

Rob Miller

The next reading of Courting Molly will take place 

Time:  Monday, May 9th, 6:30

Where: The Monocle, 4510 Manchester Ave.

The latest addition to the musical theatre workshop is a musical created by a prisoner at a medium security prison, The Party.

The Party is based on a true story about a guy in a medium security prison who started throwing a Christmas Party every year in his cell.  The DOC (Department of Corrections) frowns on this kind of thing and so there is a clandestine air to the whole thing.  The way the party grew and how people looked forward to it and the effect it had on the inmates is a story worth telling.  It became so popular that they had to start a lottery for who would get to attend.  It went on for six years before the "staff" shut it down.  And it was a real party with food, and presents and games etc.  Given that Mike is an inmate the dialogue has an amazingly "real" ring to it.  Getting this slot in SLWG musical readings has really motivated him to write and we may have most of the play by June 13th.  

Time:  Monday, June 13th, 6:30

Where: The Monocle, 4510 Manchester Ave.

The St. Louis Writers' Group is dedicated to the development of area playwrights, screenwriters and writers of musical theater through reading, discussions and workshops.  For more information about this reading or organization or for information about submitting a work for a reading, checkout our web site, www.stlwritersgroup.com, Phone  314-865-1296, or send an e-mail to farwemar@aol.com