Welcome to the St. Louis Writers' Group

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St. Louis Writers' Group presents

Play reading 5th June at 6:30 PM
Upstairs at Big Daddy's
1000 Sidney Street, Soulard, 63104

The Kryptonite Caper
A one
 act play 
By Dan McGee

 "The Kryptonite Caper" is a short, one-act play that is a tribute/parody of the comics of the 1930's.   The action takes place in Metropolis a few months BEFORE the arrival of you-know-who.  

The play was designed to be done with minimal set and limited set up and tear down time.  The script was written for Infinity Productions a subsidiary of The Lightly Toasted Theatre Company.

We meet in the upstairs room at Big Daddy's. Readings are always free and food and drink can be bought downstairs and brought in. Everyone is welcome, to come and comment or just listen.

Calendar (so far) for 2017

More submissions always welcome!

6/19 - Elan Reisner - Feh, What a Love Story
7/10 -Jacob Shipton
7/17 - Rob Miller - Caligari's Carnival
8/7 - Slam Part One - Show up with you work in hand. Each contestant will have a short portion of their work read to the audience. Three judges will pass or fail you.

8/21 Slam Part Two - a continuation of part one.
9/11 Brad Slavik - Debate of God
9/18 Workshop
10/2 Play reading - open
10/16 Workshop
11/6 Play reading - open
11/20 Workshop
12/4 Play reading - open
12/18 - End of Year Party and Monologue Competition. Bring an original monologue that is 90 seconds to five minutes long. Prepare to read it yourself or have an actor friend read it for you.

A farewell letter to the supports and participants of STLWG

Dear Supporters of St. Louis Writers’ Group

After eleven years of being the director of the St. Louis Writers’ Group, I will be stepping down as the director of the program.  I am the founder of the St. Louis Writers’ Group and have run the group for eleven years. The eleven-year journey has been challenging, rewarding and a great learning experience.  During the period that STLWG has been in existence, we have developed hundreds of plays, screenplays, musicals, presented poetry readings and more.  We have produced stage reading of STLWG plays, held one-act festivals of original plays, which was the inspiration for the FRT spectrum festival of short plays, presented Playwright Slam (an open mic night for playwrights.)  The group has had a constant stream of writers, actors and musicians participating in readings, workshops and stage readings.

In 2005, I visited San Diego and had one of my plays read by Scripteasers, a writers group I belonged to while I lived in San Diego.  When I returned to St. Louis, I wanted to find another group that would be interested in reading my play. I searched for a place to have my play read in St. Louis but ran into a brick wall.  I got frustrated by the lack of venues/organizations willing to read and develop original work.  I took matters into my own hands and secured a venue (the Soulard Coffee Garden) for the first reading. I asked a few actors to read the play and invited a few friends to attend for feedback.  The St. Louis Writer Group began with a reading of my play “The Healing of Joey Padowaski.” I thought after the first reading at the Soulard Coffee Garden that would be the last of the STLWG.  Almost immediately, I started getting request from script writers to arrange a reading slot for one of their scripts. As more script writers heard about the STLWG, they began to attend meetings and ask to have their scripts read and discussed.  We began to develop a strong core of writers, actors and a loyal audience of theatre lovers.  I had no intention of running a writers’ group for a decade, but it has been a fun ride, and after a decade, it’s time for me to step down. 

To manage the STLWG in the next decade, I have set up a steering committee composed of writers that have been involved in the group for years. The members of the steering committee are Brad Slavik, Rob Miller, Terry Wall, David Hawley, Richard Young, DJ Ludwig and Mario Farwell.  We had the first meeting of the steering meeting a couple of weeks ago, and the committee had many positive ideas to improve the group and build on what we have already accomplished.  I’d like to thank all the wonderful people that have supported the group over the years.  We’ll need your support as the St. Louis Writers’ Group enters its' second decade.

Mario Farwell

The St. Louis Writers' Group is dedicated to the development of area playwrights, screenwriters and writers of musical theater through reading, discussions and workshops.  For more information about this reading or organization or for information about submitting a work for a reading, checkout our web site, www.stlwritersgroup.com, Phone  314-865-1296, or send an e-mail to farwemar@aol.com