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How do I submit a play for a reading?

Stage Reading Project Overview


The Stage Reading Series will give writers an opportunity to experience a rigorous developmental process of readings and workshops, culminating with their scripts being presented on stage with movement (using limited props and set pieces) and performed by skilled actors. This experience will be an invaluable tool in getting a script polished and ready for marketing.


The Selection Committee

• Will be made up of three regular participants of the St. Louis Writers’ Group (writers, directors, actors, patrons) with a strong knowledge of theatre.

• Committee members are to serve one-year terms. Terms are to be staggered so that there are always two experienced members on the committee.

Selection Requirements

• All submissions must have received at least two readings or workshops, at the St. Louis Writers’ Group. (Most will probably need several workshops to become solid enough for consideration.)

• Selected submissions should be technically well constructed, intelligently written, entertaining, and show strong potential for wide audience appeal.

• Staging ability required. A play or musical requiring a large cast would probably be impractical on a small or zero budget. A stage narrator will describe the physical world of the play (sets, lights, special effects).

Directors and Dramaturges Selection

Experienced directors and dramaturges (optional) needed to orchestrate the process to a successful conclusion and will be chosen next in our process.

Directors and dramaturges Recruitment Process:

• Announcements/Requests for referrals at St. Louis Writers’ Group

• Postings on the discussion group

• Postings on Audition St. Louis

• Press releases to media and local theatres

Actor Selection

Actors will be chosen, at the discretion of the director and writer either by (posted) auditions or personally contacting desired actors.


Workshops and Readings

• The first stage reading will be held once the team (director, actors and dramaturge) is selected. (It will establish how much work will need to be done on the script to get it on its feet, and determine if the play needs major revisions [or slight tweaking] before the next reading.)

• Workshops and readings to continue until the writer and director agree that the play is ready for staging and blocking elements to be added.

• Performance date set and venue for performances secured.

Venue Selection

• Adequate stage, sound, and lighting equipment required.

• Donated or nominal rental fees preferred.

• Theatres schools, churches and other nonprofit entities with suitable venues will be researched. When an adequate venue is found, contact should be made with the proper authority and the space secured for the required performance dates. (Examples: St. Louis Ethical Society, The Chapel, YMCAs, Crestwood Mall theatres.)

Performance Schedule

• One weekend (Friday, Saturday Sunday) for each stage reading.

• Discussions (Q&A) will be held after each performance to gauge audience response. (This feedback is invaluable in final rewrites.)


Writers will stipulate, in writing, to acknowledgement to The St. Louis Writers Group as a developmental organization in all future productions of the selected work.

Ticket Prices

The ticket price should be kept low to ensure the largest possible audience. Suggested ticket price of $5.00 or donation of $5.00

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